Commune: Rendezvous with God Volume Three

“Find out about prayer. Somebody must find out about prayer.”
– Albert Einstein

With the life of his niece’s newborn baby hanging in the balance, our hero continues his off-the-record conversations with Yeshua — sometimes visiting him in Bible times, sometimes amidst the baffling events of his own world. One way or another, through trial and error, and always with a touch of humor, he learns the life-changing truths about prayer.

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One of the most original minds in supernatural suspense, Bill Myers deftly weaves timeless truths into incredible tales, powerful and thought provoking, his worlds have brought millions of readers not only amazement and entertainment, but also into a deeper encounter with God.

Here, new territories are explored. Old assumptions are tested. Comfort zones are stripped away. Characters are pushed past all imaginable limits as readers are drawn along a spine tingling tour that ultimately brings them face to face with the mystries of God.

Nearly all of Bill’s children’s series have made the bestseller list.
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2 days ago

Bill Myers
Just a few more days to get your codes for discounts on my Rendezvous With God series and to make sure you don't miss anything worth knowing from my writing desk! ... See MoreSee Less
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3 days ago

Bill Myers
Recording audio book for "Rendezvous with God" - a serious comedy where Jesus drags our hapless hero into Bible times for some off-the-record chats. ... See MoreSee Less
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4 days ago

Bill Myers
"Be still and know I am God.” ... See MoreSee Less
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