Tired of Religion?

A judgmental God who insists you jump through hoops?​

Maybe it's time to strip away the religious varnish and see him for the friend he longs to be…

"A teacher and a storyteller, Bill Myers welcomes, disarms, then edifies in this tight and seamless weave of story and truth. It's innovative, "outside the box," but that's why it works so well, bringing the reader profound and practical wisdom, the heart of Jesus, in modern, Everyman terms—and always with the quick-draw Myers wit. Jesus talked to me through this book. I was blessed, and from some of my inner shadows, set free. Follow along. Let it minister."
New York Times bestselling author of This Present Darkness, The Visitation, and Illusion.
"Gritty. Unflinching. In your face. Emotionally wrenching. Rendezvous with God is Bill Myers at the top of his imaginative game. A rip-roaring read you can neither tear yourself away from, nor dare experience without thinking."
New York Times bestseller, novelist, and biographer. Writer of the Left Behind series

Rendezvous with God - Volume One: A Novel​

A reclusive college professor’s life is turned upside down by his impulsive, runaway niece who decides she’s going to live with him. To make matters worse, he begins slipping back in time to watch various Gospel narratives unfold that include off-the-record discussions with Jesus Christ. Soon he realizes his conversations tie directly into the drama, pain, and bitter-sweet comedy of his own life.

Temptation: Rendezvous with God - Volume Two​

Join Will Thomas as, with a touch of humor, he continues stumbling his way toward holiness and understanding God’s deep desire for intimate friendship.

As our hero continues his off-the-record visits with Jesus Christ, a best friend draws him onto the wrong side of a moral and political issue. Amidst the drama and chaos, he learns two powerful truths: His identity is not in what he does for a living and it is not in what people think of him. Despite it all, amidst victories and catastrophic failures, he learns his identity, now and forever, is as God’s “deeply loved son.” Join Will Thomas as, with a touch of humor, he continues stumbling his way toward holiness and understanding God’s deep desire for intimate friendship.

Commune: Rendezvous with God - Volume Three

“Find out about prayer. Somebody must find out about prayer.” – Albert Einstein
With the life of his niece’s newborn baby hanging in the balance, our hero continues his off-the-record conversations with Yeshua — sometimes visiting him in Bible times, sometimes amidst the baffling events of his own world. One way or another, through trial and error, and always with a touch of humor, he learns the life-changing truths about prayer:

  • What works
  • What doesn’t
  • What is religious lip-service
  • What is true communion with God

Join Will Thomas as he continues stumbling his way toward holiness and, through no fault of his own, an ever-deepening friendship with God.

Insight: Rendezvous with God - Volume Four

Just as our hapless hero finally gets used to Jesus’s many surprise visits, the stakes are raised even higher when his ex begs to move into his house with her latest boyfriend. Then, of course, there are the other women in his life— an uber-religious Conservative and a jaded ex-Christian. All this as, barely knowing the Bible himself, he is roped into teaching a Bible study to rival gang members at the local prison. And yet, somehow, amidst the drama, comedy and surprising turn of events, he stumbles into the maturity God has always hoped for him.