My Life as a Tarantula Toe Tickler

About the Book

Trying to be more independent, Wally hides a minor mistake. But minor mistakes lead to major mishaps! Soon he begins working for Junior Genius (the boy, super-inventor from My Life as a Skysurfing Skateboarder). He becomes a human guinea pig to such backfiring experiments as the G.O.O.F., a mind magnifier that doesn’t increase his brain size but grows his ears until he becomes a human hang glider. Later, he is bronco-busting a giant, flying snail. But that’s nothing compared to Tina, the giggling tarantula, whom he accidentally grows to the size of a small house. Now, our boy blunder must save Tina, his life, and of course, the entire city! And through all of this he learns the importance of admitting mistakes, taking responsibility for his own actions, and always telling the truth.