Supernatural Love

Publisher: Amaris Media

About the Book

Based upon a true story.

Beth Miller bolted up in bed. No one told her; she knew her son had just been murdered in a drug deal gone bad. Later, as she paced the darkened house and backyard, planning revenge on the killer, she heard the clear and audible voice of God: “Beth, I want you to love the murderer of your son for Me.” The request seemed heartless, impossible, and Beth fought it with everything she had. But her will was no match for God’s compassion. And by dawn, before anyone even knew her boy was dead, she dropped to her knees, weeping with the promise that she would try.

So began a remarkable journey into the depths of God’s love. Armed with only faith and her infamous iron will, the little spitfire of a woman battled against her family, the clergy, prison authorities, and the very murderer, himself . . . until she finally experienced a life-changing encounter with the killer of her child. A journey and encounter that not only turned her world upside-down, but the killer’s as well.

Award winning and best selling author, Bill Myers, sets aside his fiction to write this incredible, moving account in what will be the first of his series of true, short stories based upon modern day miracles.