Choices: A Truth Seekers Novel

About the Book

You could step back in time and actually witness one of the biggest events in the history of the world?
The world depended on what you did next?

Most teenagers would consider a desert archeological dig to be an adventure. But not Jennifer and Jake Mackenzie. Add in a jail break, folding dimensions and a machine that creates super-holographic images of ancient events— so you can smell them — and now you have an adventure. As Jake tours Noah’s ark and the debauchery of Noah’s world, Jenny heads back to the 1960’s to save her seven-year-old dad, while trying to escape the winged shadow creature that threatens her every move. And that’s only getting started. Still through all the mishaps and misadventures with their fancy gadgets and scientific machines, Jenny and Jake’s true discovery is that evil can only be fought with an Authority from above.