The Power of Storytelling

Why Stories?

One of my best friends and a huge supporter of my work (my dad) never fully understood why I write stories. I tried to explain the power of storytelling, how it’s a mighty tool to help change people’s perspectives . . . and their lives. Facts and figures are great, but it’s the story that puts flesh and blood on the data, that makes that data human and relatable.

Interesting that even Jesus Christ spent more time telling stories than giving facts and figures. Textbooks are great, but it is the lab time where we apply the facts and figures that is the most meaningful, that is the most, and here is the word . . .  personal.  From a pastor giving a sermon, to a president giving a state of the union address, it is the personal story, the anecdote, we remember the longest and is often the most impactful.

That’s why I’m writing these articles – to equip those who are interested in impacting the world through story – to share the secrets I’ve learned (sometimes through success, sometimes failure) in my over 40 years of full-time writing of novels, movies, and TV shows. I hope you’ll enjoy the ride . . . and maybe even pick up a few pointers along the way. Thanks for your time, Bill.

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