Bloodhounds Inc: The Scam of the Screwball Wizards

About the Book

  • What’s going on in the abandoned theater on the outskirts of Midvale?
  • Have monsters really invaded Mrs. Tubbs’ home?
  • Is Slobs, the trusted bloodhound, next?


Likable, easy-going Bear isn’t really one for reading (except for the back of cereal boxes), so when he starts plowing through a popular new book series, everyone is pretty impressed and a little shocked. But now he’s calling himself, The Phangmaster” and no longer cares about his old friends-and thinks he can cast spells on anyone who gets in his way. It’s up to Bloodhounds, Inc., to find out what’s going on as Sean, Melissa, and trusted sidekick Jeremiah get to the bottom of the new craze of fantasy books sweeping their town.