Baseball for Breakfast

About the Book

God makes all times special-the good times, the bad times, and the in-between times.

“If you had your way, you wouldn’t wait for a thing. Why, you’d play baseball all the time. You’d play it for lunch, dinner, even for breakfast.” The words burned in Jimmy’s heart. Mom’s right. If I were in charge, I’d make sure I’d never have to wait for another thing ever again.

For every kid who has wondered, ‘Why do I have to wait?” here’s a humorous story that shows why every moment of life is important. After Jimmy rearranges time to suit himself, he learns that God has a plan for our lives that includes the good times as well as the bad times and the in-between times. When we avoid certain times in our life, when we refuse to live each moment, we may end up destroying all of life’s moments, including the good ones.