The Wager

"...A combination novel and Bible study (that) work surprisingly well suitable for a small group or an individual. The Wager is a short and easy read, but solid enough to make you think, especially if you spend time on the study questions (in the back). Recommended."

The God Hater

"When one of the most creative minds I know gets the best idea he's ever had and turns it into a novel, it's fasten-your-seat-belt time. This one will be talked about for a long time."
Jerry B.
Jenkins author of Left Behind
"An original masterpiece. The God Hater re-opens our eyes to God's absolute justice and His unfathomable love."
Dr. Kevin Leman
bestselling author of Have a New Kid by Friday
"If you enjoy white-knuckle, page-turning suspense, with a brilliant blend of cutting-edge apologetics, The God Hater will grab you for a long, long time."
Beverly Lewis
NY Times bestselling author
"I've never seen a more powerful and timely illustration of the incarnation. Bill Myers has a way of making the Gospel accessible and relevant to readers of all ages. I highly recommend this book."
Terri Blackstock
NY Times bestselling author
"A brilliant novel that feeds the mind and heart, The God Hater belongs at the top of your reading list."
Angela Hunt
NY Times bestselling author
"The God Hater is a rare combination that is both entertaining and spiritually provocative. It has a message of deep spiritual significance that is highly relevant for these times."
Paul Cedar
Chairman Mission America Coalition

Angel of Wrath

"Bill Myers is a genius. Not only is ANGEL OF WRATH full of engaging characters and heart-stopping suspense, but underneath it explores thoughts and truths that will keep you pondering long after the book is closed."
Lee Stanley
producer, Gridiron Gang

The Voice

"A crisp, express-train read featuring 3D characters, cinematic set- tings and action, and, as usual, a premise I wish I'd thought of. Succeeds splendidly! Two thumbs up!"
Frank E
Peretti, author
"Nonstop action and a brilliantly crafted young heroine will keep readers engaged as this adventure spins to its thought-provoking conclusion. This book explores the intriguing concept of God's power as not only the creator of the universe, but as its very essence."
Kris Wilson
CBA Magazine
"It's a real 'what if?' book with plenty of thrills...that will definitely create questions all the way to its thought-provoking finale. The success of Myers's stories is a sweet combination of a believable storyline, intense action, and brilliantly crafted, yet flawed characters."
Dale Lewis

The Face of God

"Strong writing, edgy...replete with action..."
Publishers Weekly
"Strong writing, edgy…replete with action…Myers's popular reputation and the book's link to current events will likely woo readers."
Publishers Weekly

Fire of Heaven

"I couldn't put the Fire of Heaven down. Bill Myers's writing is crisp, fast-paced, provocative...Avery compelling story."
Francine Rivers Siddons

Blood of Heaven

"With the chill of a Robin Cook techno-thriller and the spiritual depth of a C.S. Lewis allegory, this book is a fast-paced, action packed thriller."
Angela Elwell Hunt
"Now this is innovative. Bill Myers has played the game of 'what if?'—creating a compelling story of grace triumphing over judgment...A bold new twist on an age-old theme. Blood of Heaven is an enjoyable and provocative read. I wish I'd thought of it!"
Frank Peretti
"The always surprising Myers has written another clever and provocative tale."


"With this thrilling and ominous tale Myers continues to shine brightly in speculative fiction based upon Biblical truth. Highly recommended."
Library Journal
"Myers weaves a deft, affecting tale."
Publishers Weekly

Soul Tracker

"Soul Tracker provides a treat for previous fans of the author, but also a fitting introduction to those unfamiliar with his work. I'd recommend the book to anyone, initiated or not. But be careful to check your expectations at the's not what you think it is."
Brian Reaves
Fuse magazine
"Thought provoking and touching, this imaginative tale blends elements of science fiction with Christian theology."
Library Journal
"Myers strikes deep into the heart of eternal truth with this imaginative first book of the Soul Tracker series. Readers will be eager for more."
Romantic Times Magazine

The Seeing

"Bill Myers novel...compels the reader to burn through the pages. Cliff-hangers abound and the stakes are raised higher and higher as the story progresses—intense, action-shocking twists!"
"An entertaining novel, Bill Myers The Seeing is a great reminder of spiritual warfare and the impact of choices and is reminiscent of Frank Peretti's This Present Darkness."
When the Last Leaf Falls "A wonderful novella...Any parent will warm to the humorous reminiscences and the loving exasperation of this father for his strong-willed daughter...Compelling characters and fresh, vibrant anecdotes of one family's faith journey."
Publishers Weekly